Please introduce yourself and tell us what you do within EAE Solutions

My name is Tom van Holten and my official title within EAE Solutions is General Business Manager. I live in Breda, which is a city in the south of the Netherlands, close to our office in Oosterhout. In my job I am responsible for all business we do that is related to the intralogistics market. On a daily basis this means that I am involved in both operational and sales topics. Additionally, it is my job to make sure EAE Solutions is meeting the strategical goals set out by the company board.

How did you first get acquainted with EAE Solutions?

 I have been doing part-time work at Q.I. Press Controls, which is the parent company of EAE Solutions, since I started studying. Via my part-time job at Q.I. Press Controls, I got acquainted with EAE as well. After I finished my studies I was offered a job at EAE Solutions as Product Manager. In that role I was aligning our product portfolio and project offerings with the needs of our customers.


What is your biggest achievement in the last 3 months at EAE Solutions?

Recently we have been working on a project where we have offered a controls solution to a new customer. During this project, we faced several challenges due to covid, time pressure and changes in the concept. As the commissioning always is at the end of the project, our time schedule became very tight. By making the right decisions regarding priorities and planning, we have been able to make up for the lost time. This convinced the customer of our capabilities, which helped me to convince the customer to do more business with us.


Why, in your opinion, is EAE Solutions the best partner for customers?

 EAE Solutions has a lot of experience in the field of automation and electronics. Since 1962 EAE has been developing innovative controls solutions for a variety of industries. This knowledge in combination with flexibility and a ‘never give up’ mentality makes EAE Solutions the right partner to design and execute complex material handling projects together with our customers. Additionally, we have a very strong software development team. This capability can be leveraged to build solutions for our customers in a very cost efficient and professional way.


What do you love to do in your spare time?

Besides traveling, I love to go out for dinner and drinks with friends and family 😊

About EAE Solutions:

EAE Solutions develops and delivers controls hardware and software, sometimes combined with optical detection systems, for the intra-logistics market. Our innovative controls platform is characterised by modularity and independency. EAE’s innovative solution ensures a reliable and efficient flow of goods within a distribution centre. We operate worldwide with a network of own offices and supply to OEMs, integrators and end-users.


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