As innovators and independent developers of complex software applications, we see and interpret the dynamics of the intralogistics market in a broader perspective. Our vision is to learn from, innovate with and grow alongside our customers.

The fact that we see more, is reflected in our modular automation solutions. It allows us to optimise your intralogistics processes and surpass Operational Excellence.


Together with our clients we co-create innovative solutions to increase throughput, reliability, and cost efficiency for your operations. We stimulate co-creation and cooperation, with (in our crew as well as with) our customers. It empowers our mutual achievements.


The modular EAE Flow platform is applicable to a wide spectrum of intralogistics systems. The independency and our broadened experience allows us to consult you on a solution best suitable to your needs, requirements and process flows.

EAE Flow.Care: Customer support

We care about our customers and about your systems. Via our customer support centres you are directly connected to our team of support experts. They will, in cooperation with you, analyse, diagnose and resolve your issue. Most issues can usually be resolved by a single phone call. When necessary, our experts will login remotely to support you. In the rare case of unexpected and more complicated interferences, you can also rely on our nearest service engineer. Our worldwide network of experts is ready to assist you.


EAE Solutions develops and supplies high quality and innovative automation solutions and automation technology for the intralogistic industry. A dealer network and subsidiary companies are selling its systems globally. EAE Solutions wants to be a partner to her customers in offering specific solutions optimizing their intralogistic processes with the main goal of increasing reliability and efficiency.


EAE Solutions enables its customers to increase throughput with greater reliability. First, by offering its customers high quality, innovative, systems that automate and improve the intralogistic process. Besides, it gains valuable uptime, brings down the costs, obtains the fastest return on investment possible and gives insight into the handling and sorting process. Secondly, by delivering high quality, reliable and adequate lifetime support and service: always, everywhere and at the right time. We C more!

Sister companies

Q.I. Press Controls develops and delivers innovative, high quality optical measure and control systems. They are globally active in the newspaper and magazine printing industry.

EAE is active in graphic industries, automation solutions and automation technology. The company, founded in 1962 is the leading supplier of controls, automation solutions and software for newspaper printers.


We look to the future, however, are proud of our past.

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