EAE Flow sorter control is an advanced, modular software platform that offers a highly serviceable solution, empowering you to achieve the full potential of your existing, new, or retrofitted intralogistics system.

High throughput, Low risk

Improve operation with higher throughputs and reduced risk thanks to the proven and optimised controls platform

Short implementation times

Thanks to our product oriented approach consisting of proven function blocks, lead time is reduced

Less interfaces

Since EAE Flow is a single source, vertical integrated, software platform applicable on many Material Handling systems, less interfaces are required

EAE Flow.Master

EAE Flow.Master, our Warehouse Control System (WCS) is the ultimate Material Handling WCS solution for optimising warehouse material flow. With its advanced features, it effortlessly imports sort- and transport parameters, ensuring flowless operations.

EAE Flow.Control

EAE Flow.Control handles the real-time controls of the electro- mechanical equipment. Our sorting equipment controls system ensures reliable transport of goods using WCS information, I/O signals, and scan & vision data. Streamline your operations and optimise efficiency with our innovative material flow controls.

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    EAE Flow.Commander

    EAE Flow.Commander enhances your industrial processes with a user-friendly user interface. Gain a comprehensive SCADA system overview through intuitive visualisations. Monitor operational status, access statistics, and generate reports effortlessly. Enjoy accessibility from multiple (mobile) devices, empowering you to stay in control, anytime, anywhere. Revolutionise your operations with our advanced visualisation tools.

    EAE Flow.Statistics

    EAE Flow.Statistics is our web-based dashboard, your ultimate management reporting tool. Uncover valuable KPI insights and make data-driven decisions. With a customisable interface and different levels of authorisation, our dashboard ensures seamless collaboration while maintaining data security. Maximise your operations efficiency.

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      EAE Flow.Safety

      EAE Flow.Safety is our extensive safety controls system, integrated with Siemens Profi-safe technology. It creates a robust material handling safety circuit. Our controls system ensures comprehensive protection for both operators and equipment. With the latest features, safety and safeguarding your operations is priority and system downtime is minimised.

      Sorting Solutions

      The EAE Flow sorter control system is applicable to a wide range of intralogistics systems.

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      Industries that use our
      sorting solutions

      Courier, Express & Parcel

      Experience efficient parcel sorting with our high-speed CEP sorting solutions. EAE Solutions guarantees higher throughputs, meeting increasing demands, and exceeding operational excellence with innovative hardware and software. Parcel perfection!

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      Optimise apparel logistics in the fashion industry with EAE Solutions’ apparel sortation and efficient operations. Handle volume peaks and automate processes with our cutting-edge hardware and software. Effortless efficiency!

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      In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, efficient parcel services play a pivotal role in ensuring seamless deliveries of consumer goods. When it comes to optimising sortation and fulfilment automation, EAE Solutions stands as an industry leader.

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