Increasing volumes

The apparel industry experiences complex intralogistic challenges. Increasing volumes for both shipping orders and return goods stress the limits of the logistical operation. End-user expect minimised order-processing time, and faster delivery times. This combined with the volume peaks caused by the seasonal fashion collection changes and promotions such as Black Friday stress their logistical operations even more. Furthermore, orders are more diversified in terms of amount of products, weight and dimensions. Sorting systems such as vertical crossbelt sorters, horizontal crossbelt sorters, and traysorters, help to overcome these challenges. They can handle increasing sorting volumes, improve accuracy, and lower operational costs.

new heights

EAE Solutions develops and delivers CEP sorting solutions consisting of hard- and software, combined with optical measure and detection systems such as the IAS, for apparel companies worldwide. Our wide-range of products are characterised by innovation, modularity and independency. They will bring your operation to new heights ensuring quality and timely delivery to your customers.

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Courier, Express & Parcel

Experience efficient parcel sorting with our high-speed CEP sorting solutions. EAE Solutions guarantees higher throughputs, meeting increasing demands, and exceeding operational excellence with innovative hardware and software. Parcel perfection!

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In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, efficient parcel services play a pivotal role in ensuring seamless deliveries of consumer goods. When it comes to optimising sortation and fulfilment automation, EAE Solutions stands as an industry leader.

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