Engineered for high-speed intralogistic sortation systems, our IAS employs two digital cameras with built-in microprocessors, ensuring precise object analysis. Unlock the power of 3D functionality, enhancing accuracy and efficiency in your operations. The modular set-up of the IAS software platform allows you to choose the right application for your logistic processes.

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    Increased insights

    Vision technology helps you to improve the efficiency by allowing you to C the exceptions in your process

    Higher system performance

    Accurate item detection using vision technology eliminates faulty inductions, avoids crashes, and decreases mis-sorts resulting in better system performance

    Seamless installation & integration

    The single device design is optimised for simple installation and integration into the EAE FLow.Control system

    Non-Conveyable Detection

    Non-Conveyable Detection is a functionality that can be configured on the IAS camera. With this functionality, the IAS scans and detects the contours of each individual parcel that is transported underneath. A point-cloud is produced and the background is subtracted in order to make a full 3D image. This image is used to define the accurate contours of the physical item, including its exact position and rotation.

    Non-Conveyable Detection is used for precise parcel analysis of inbound- or outbound goods. It analysis the parcels and checks whether the parcels meet the specifications for being handled by the transportation or sorting system. Over-height, over-length, or over-width parcels are detected and reported to the controls system. This ensures that only machine compatible parcels enter your material handling equipment. When an abnormality is detected, an image is displayed to the operator who can act if needed, and learn from the situation. This is called visual feedback. With the non-conveyable detection functionality your operation has fewer parcel jams, fewer unnecessary stops, and increased up-time.

    Item detection

    Accurate detection of parcels is key for efficient and reliable transportation and sortation. This can be challenging when sensors do not ‘see’ the complete situation. This can be caused by parcels that are too flat (<5mm) to detect, to irregular to detect, or parcels that reflect the sensor.

    Thanks to the use of the depth information provided by the stereo camera, the IAS can accurately detect even the smallest, flattest (<5mm), most reflecting, and/or irregular shaped parcels. This ensures controlled and accurate transportation and sortation. The operators are informed with an image when abnormalities are detected. They can act or learn from the situation. With accurate item detection using IAS technology you can make your operation more efficient, improve its accuracy, and reduce the number of miss-sorts.

    Volume measurement

    Parcel volume measuring is essential for parcel transportation and sortation. This functionality of the IAS can be activated and can function as a dimensioning system. This makes an accurate volume estimation on-the-fly of a parcel that is transported on your material handling equipment. Such volume information can be used for a variety of reasons. A customer can use volume measurements to improve internal processes, detect parcel defects, and calculate transport costs or prices.

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