The conveyor system consists of modular building blocks that are installed and commissioned in no-time. Similar to the conveyor system itself, the EAE Flow.Control system must be as flexible and scalable as the logistical operation. External systems such as (barcode) scanners, labellers, and box folders/closers are seamlessly integrated and are bundled into a single, user friendly, HMI for operations and management. EAE Solutions continuous tracking algorithm transports every item to its intended destination in the fastest, most stable, and most efficient manner.

Continuous parcel tracking

100% Parcel tracking ensures efficient sorting, improves operational insights, and minimises miss-sorts

High-speed diverting & merging

With high speed diverting and merging, fewer conveyors are needed resulting in less required investment


Thanks to the modular set-up of both the mechanics and the controls system, the system can be scaled and extended in the most efficient way

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