higher throughputs and same-day delivery

With a focus on higher throughputs and same-day delivery, they exceed operational excellence by developing innovative hardware and software solutions. Sorting systems such as vertical crossbelt sorters, horizontal crossbelt sorters, traysorters, and IAS, help to achieve this operational excellence.

high volumes with ease

EAE Solutions’ parcel sortation technology empowers E-commerce businesses to handle high volumes with ease. Their innovative approach streamlines the entire process, from order placement to final delivery, guaranteeing swift and accurate shipments. With their robust fulfilment automation, businesses can meet the demands of modern consumers while maintaining impeccable efficiency.

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Other industries

Courier, Express & Parcel

Experience efficient parcel sorting with our high-speed CEP sorting solutions. EAE Solutions guarantees higher throughputs, meeting increasing demands, and exceeding operational excellence with innovative hardware and software. Parcel perfection!

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Optimise apparel logistics in the fashion industry with EAE Solutions’ apparel sortation and efficient operations. Handle volume peaks and automate processes with our cutting-edge hardware and software. Effortless efficiency!

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