Please introduce yourself and tell us what you do within EAE Solutions

My name is Rubén Zurlo Serrano. At the age of 29, I made a long trip from San Juan, Argentina, and joined the team. I am a Project Engineer at EAE Solutions (ESO). In other words, my job consists mainly of designing how our products will be implemented electrically or mechanically in our customers’ warehouses

How did you first get acquainted with EAE Solutions?

I started to work at ESO recently (red 14th March 2022). My entire life has been immersed in a scientific and academic environment, so that lifestyle has naturally become my passion. I knew for sure that my migration to the old continent should not neglect this. When I was looking for a job opportunity, the first thing that caught my attention about this company was all the concern for innovation it involved, which it is not achievable without having profound scientific research as a cornerstone. It did not take long before I felt completely at home working here.



What is your biggest achievement in the last 3 months at EAE Solutions?

I would not say that it is only one achievement, because it consists of many modest ones. Step by step, I get to know more about the procedures and standards in use at ESO and how to work with EPLAN Electric P8. I am lucky to have my colleagues that help me even with the tiniest questions I may have.


Why, in your opinion, is EAE Solutions the best partner for customers?

On top of all the scientific knowledge, ESO has a long-lasting experience in the reliability needed for the intralogistic industry, making it indubitably a heavyweight in the market. The EAE.Flow from ESO provides an ambitious solution for sorting controls, user-friendly and with high performance, which translates into solid economic benefits for our customers.


What do you love to do in your spare time?

Since I moved to the Netherlands, I dream to build a workshop like the one I had back in Argentina. In there, I was able to build from the smallest electronic device to the largest blacksmithing machine. It will take some years to accomplish it. In the meantime I still do the same combat sports as always, with some weightlifting.

About EAE Solutions:

EAE Solutions develops and delivers controls hardware and software, sometimes combined with optical detection systems, for the intra-logistics market. Our innovative controls platform is characterised by modularity and independency. EAE’s innovative solution ensures a reliable and efficient flow of goods within a distribution centre. We operate worldwide with a network of own offices and supply to OEMs, integrators and end-users.


There is so much more to C!

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