Please introduce yourself and tell us what you do within EAE Solutions.

I’m Corbin Joosen, 29 years old and living in Breda in the south of the Netherlands. According to my business card I’m a product manager for the EAE Flow Controls system. More concrete; I’m responsible for offering the correct controls solution to our OEM and direct customers. This includes listening carefully to their wishes, aligning possibilities with our soft- and hardware experts and providing the correct solution and pricing towards our customers

How did you first get acquainted with EAE Solutions?

 My colleague, Tom van Holten, introduced me to EAE Solutions. Tom and I went to the same secondary school and also studied and lived together during our study at Technical University Eindhoven. After he started working for ESO, he explained the business, the market, the way-of-working and the possibilities within. All these aspects combined with an immediate connection with ESO management convinced me to join the ESO team. Until now, almost 3 years later, I never regretted this decision.


What is your biggest achievement in the last 3 months at EAE Solutions?

Together with my direct colleagues we managed to convince a new account of our EAE Flow Controls system to automate their distribution centre. This projects contributes to our company’s growth strategy and was therefore of strategic importance. I’m very proud that we convinced them of our solution. In parallel, I contributed to our new Corporate Identity – There is so much more to C. This concept perfectly reflects the curiosity, mentality and way-of-working of our business. With regard to this identity, more is yet to come!

Why, in your opinion, is EAE Solutions the best partner for customers?

In my opinion EAE Solutions is the perfect partner since we are an independent & flexible controls supplier. The EAE Flow controls platform is applicable to practically any transport- and sortation system. So whether the customer requires a Pocket-, Crossbelt-, Tray- and/or conveyorbelt sorters for its material flow, EAE Flow is the right control system. Thanks to its modularity, the system’s on-site implementation time is kept to a minimum and the system is highly serviceable resulting maximised up-time for the client. Additionally, I think our company is very flexible. Both in shifting resources between graphical & logistic industries, and in fast decision making thanks to its non-hierarchical corporate structure. For customers this results in in-time project execution, high involvement and swift replies.


What do you love to do in your spare time?

 End of last year, in the middle of Covid, I bought my first house; or better I bought 4 walls and a roof. I completely stripped the house and I’m renovating it in my spare time. I love the combination of working in the office during daytime and working with my hands in the evenings & weekends. Upstairs is just finished and I moved in last weekend. Now phase 2, downstairs, can start! Although I also love to do sports (running, football, cycling, etc.), the renovation provides me with sufficient exercise already.

About EAE Solutions:

EAE Solutions develops and delivers controls hardware and software, sometimes combined with optical detection systems, for the intra-logistics market. Our innovative controls platform is characterised by modularity and independency. EAE’s innovative solution ensures a reliable and efficient flow of goods within a distribution centre. We operate worldwide with a network of own offices and supply to OEMs, integrators and end-users.


There is so much more to C!

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