Introducing our latest product release, the cutting-edge EAE Flow.E-Cross LN800 Crossbelt Sorter with our trusted EAE Flow.Control system. This innovative sorting solution combines high-performance efficiency with advanced automation capabilities. With its state-of-the-art crossbelt technology, it ensures accurate and rapid sorting of a wide range of products.

Companies worldwide were long time experiencing a pricing gap between high-performing crossbelt sorters and other sortation equipment. Although they desired high-volume throughputs for their operations, crossbelt sorter technology remained unaffordable.

EAE Solutions bridges this gap by introducing the EAE Flow.E-Cross sorter. A fully electrical crossbelt sorter with outstanding performance, comparable with premium industry-known brands. The E-Cross sorter comes in two set-ups: as line sorter (LN) and loop sorter (LP). Both are available with various carrier sizes for  your diversified item spectrum. The mechanical sorter design is optimised for robustness and is already proven technology in CEP, apparel and e-commerce environments worldwide.

Combined with the EAE Flow.Control system, parcel volumes, sorting accuracy, and operational up-time are guaranteed. Its modular controls system is developed in collaboration with major OEM’s and customers and guarantees seamless integration and synchronization with your existing infrastructure, while offering enhanced data analysis and real-time insights into your operation.

About EAE Solutions

EAE Solutions develops and delivers controls hard- and software, whether or not combined with optical measure and detection systems, for the intra-logistics market. The innovative controls platform is characterised by modularity and independency and  can be expanded with sortation hardware. This innovative solution ensures a reliable and efficient “flow” of goods within a distribution centre. We operate worldwide with a network of own offices and we supply to OEMs, integrators and end-users.


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