Oosterhout, June 2021 – System integrator Lippert has been awarded a large order with a German client in the Postal & Express industry. For this project they have partnered up with EAE Solutions.

EAE Solutions will deliver EAE Flow to control the Interroll horizontal crossbelt sorter. This is a next step in the cooperation between Lippert and EAE Solutions, where both parties expect further projects to come. This order is a valuable addition to the already extensive installed base EAE Solutions has for Interroll Crossbelt Sorter controls.

The project was awarded to EAE Solutions also because of the modular software and electrical hardware design that allows short lead times, which was of importance for the end customer, who wants the system up and running in autumn 2021.

Lippert will install a horizontal crossbelt sorter with 4 cross infeeds, two 3-sides barcode scanner stations and sorts to 122 destinations. The EAE Flow system that will be installed is designed according the latest industrial automation developments and uses components with the highest industry standards. The EAE Flow system is designed in such a way, that reaction times and processing power are reduced, flexibility is increased and maintenance and services are simplified.

About EAE Solutions

EAE Solutions is an independent developer and supplier of innovative automation solutions and technology for the intralogistic industry. Their modular EAE Flow platform is applicable to a wide spectrum of intralogistic systems. It enables you to achieve the full potential of your existing, new or retrofitted intralogistic system. EAE Solutions wants to be a partner to her customers in offering specific solutions optimising their intralogistic processes with the main goal of increasing reliability and efficiency.

The solutions are supported by a worldwide dealer network and subsidiary companies.

For more information, go to www.eaesolutions.com