The EAE Flow System

EAE Flow is a highly advanced, modular software platform designed to control conveying and sortation systems. It enables you to achieve the full potential of your existing, new or retrofitted intralogistics systems. The design of this highly serviceable system is based upon the latest automation developments and highest industry standards. EAE Flow consists of the following modules.

EAE Flow.Master fulfils the Warehouse Control System (WCS) functionalities and links your Warehouse Management System with your operation equipment. The system imports sort & transport parameters and optimally controls the entire material flow.

EAE Flow.Control handles the real-time controls of the electro- mechanical equipment. It efficiently and reliably transports your goods based on the WCS information, I/O signals, and scan & vision data.

EAE Flow.Commander presents a clear and comprehensive Human Machine Interface (HMI) to operators and managers. It visualises the systems’ operational status, statistics and reporting with maximum user friendliness The SCADA-compatible HMI is web-based and can be accessed from multiple authorised (mobile) devices.

Crossbelt sortercontrols

With a continuous demand for increasing through- puts of material flows, it is essential to have a control system that can keep up. The EAE Flow system is developed based on years of automation experience and is continuously being optimized. This ensures a gentle item sortation while maintaining the highest industry standard throughputs.