Oosterhout, May 2021 – Ozon, the first and leading multi category e-commerce platform in Russia, invested in EAE Flow automation for their 2 new Vanderlande Traysorter.

With over 73 million customer orders per year, innovation and technology are key values for Ozon, with fulfilment centres located in Moscow and Tver. For their Moscow (New Riga) location Ozon invested in 2 additional traysorters with a capacity of about 8.000 items/hour each. Both have 6 operator inducts. Items will be scanned by means of the Top Reading Barcode scanner integration and transported over the 600mm carriers to one of the 139 destinations.

Ozon has chosen for the supplier combination Vanderlande and EAE Solutions because of their positive experience in prior projects with regard to project management, technical know-how and quick implementation time. Ozon considers Vanderlande and EAE Solutions to be their partner in this.

With this investment in EAE Solutions EAE Flow, Ozon will be able to accurately and efficiently control the distribution of their goods to meet their aim to bring convenience and improve daily life for even those in the most remote part of Russia.

About EAE Solutions

EAE Solutions is an independent developer and supplier of innovative automation solutions and technology for the intralogistic industry. Their modular EAE Flow platform is applicable to a wide spectrum of intralogistic systems. It enables you to achieve the full potential of your existing, new or retrofitted intralogistic system. EAE Solutions wants to be a partner to her customers in offering specific solutions optimising their intralogistic processes with the main goal of increasing reliability and efficiency.

The solutions are supported by a worldwide dealer network and subsidiary companies.

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